Your Wedding Scrapbook


A scrapbook of a wedding is different than a photo album of a wedding. I believe a photo album is to showcase the photos taken at the wedding, from early morning right up to when the happy couple leave the reception and beyond. I believe a scrapbook of the wedding is to share the events and happenings of the days/years leading up to the wedding and then share photos of the event itself.

The following suggestions are just that, suggestions. There is no right or wrong in creating a scrapbook. It is our goal to provide some inspiration and thought starters to creating a full and interesting wedding scrapbook.

Think about starting with a few photos of both the bride and the groom as babies and young children. Add a few photos of them as teenagers and then some photos of the happy couple during the meeting and dating process.

During the planning stages, often the wedding themes are considered and wedding venues are looked at, dresses and the groom’s attire are looked at, and the invitations are considered and purchased. Taking a few photos of the many planning days are great additions to the scrapbook. If the bridal shop will allow it, it can be fun to take photos of the bride in each wedding dress she considers and tries on.

When you decide on a wedding venue, take a few photos of the room and pre-reception area while it is empty. Take a few photos of the outside of the building housing the chosen wedding venue.

Once a menu is decided on, save a copy of the menu provided by the caterers. One event I helped with, we actually put together the menu ourselves. We wanted guests to know what was being served that night was entirely our choice, and so we included our self made menu in the scrapbook.

You’ll also want to save one copy of all of the following:
– An invitation
– An R.S.V.P. card
– A place card
– A thank you note
– A copy of the guest list
– A copy of the speeches (hand written)
– Your menu and wine list
– Table plan …….

If you order candy bar wrappers, or any other wedding favor, save one for your scrapbook. If you use a D.J. a band, a magician or a caricaturist, save one of their business cards, or one of their brochures, to include in your scrapbook. If you hire any other type of entertainer, again, save a business card or brochure.

As you plan your wedding day, it can be fun to keep a hand written diary of the days. There will always be cock-ups and interesting people and situations along the way and as you are celebrating your first anniversary, you will laugh over the mishaps and the other notes you took as you planned.

When the R.S.V.P. cards are returned, often folks will write personal messages. Save those messages. Just like a  school yearbook, it’s fun to go back and read what others wrote, several years later.

And now, the day of the wedding has arrived. It’s time to choose those photos that you’ll want for both your wedding photo album and also you’re wedding scrapbook and put the finishing touches to both. Of course it does not have to stop there you could also include photo’s of favorite bars and restaurants and experiences from the honeymoon.

Once. you are done, upload the scrap bo

We hope that this short article has given you some ideas as to the content of your “Scrap Book” however as we said at the beginning they are only suggestions it’s entirely up to you what you include. The main thing is you have fun doing it