The Stag Do

 For a great Flight Deal!!! Give these guys a go ……..

Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday, Christmas, wedding or anniversary present, we have gifts that live long in memory. Make ordinary gifts look, well…ordinary! There’s everything from pamper days to Ferrari driving – something for everyone!

 UK Paintball

If you want an adrenaline packed  way to make sure the stag never forgets his day then this is it. The groom gets a bunny or escaped convict suit then its game on to catch him and paintball him. Sounds like fun? Thats because it is!!!



If you are looking for something different to do on your London based Stag Party….. TRY THIS?????


You might read elsewhere that other boats are newer, faster or more orange! But Thamesjet has the ONLY jet powered RIBs on the river.

Stops harder. Turns tighter. Nothing’s faster.
Fact is jet powered RIBs are more maneuverable than traditional propeller driven boats. That’s why both the military and the police specify them for their boats. So you know you’re getting the latest and the best with Thamesjet. But what does that mean for you when you’re speeding along at 40 mph? Simple. When our boats stop it’s like reverse thrust on a plane and you know how that feels! Much the same with turns. It’s like comparing a sports car with a high performance supercar. Because it’s powered by a jet it’s more responsive so it just does everything faster, harder, sharper. Try it and you’ll never settle for anything else!


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