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A December Wedding


A wedding is a defining moment in one’s life, and the accession should be memorable and full of beauty. Many couples make the mistake of imitating weddings they have seen in the soapies. What ends up happening is that they have an imitation that looks like a prom, rather than an occasion that should inspire for years to come.

Instead of having a plastic wedding, consider having a December wedding. A wedding set in the ageless beauty of nature’s white carpet. Winter weddings have an element of timelessness to them – as if the snowcapped mountains stand as a testament to love. Winter weddings are truly moments frozen in time – something impossible to forget.



Most couples prefer to have their weddings in warmer weather. This means that many in-demand venues have a waiting list of up to two years – causing you to worry for longer than you should.

However, during winter there are fewer couples trying to secure the in-demand venue you have your sights on. Allowing you the freedom to plan your wedding around a date you choose. Meaning – less venue hunting, reduced stress, and more time to consider the important things.


December is the perfect time to have a lavish indoor wedding with a select number of your closest family and friends. Securing a picturesque estate, mansion, or lodge with a natural backdrop will clinch the timeless beauty of winter for your big day.

But, there is an added benefit of having an indoor wedding… Your guests will feel cozy and warm indoors, sharing laughs and memories, leading to more intimacy and strengthened relationships amongst your nearest and dearest. A December wedding could transform a celebration into a rare classical moment.

Be Weather Conscious

The weather and the cold will be an issue, and is a concern when planning a December wedding. To turn your day into a winter wonderland, you must plan with the weather in mind. Here are two tips that could help calm some doubts…

Firstly; consider purchasing wedding insurance, so that you have the safety net of cancelling or postponing if a blizzard decides to gatecrash your wedding. Secondly, choose a venue that can host both the wedding ceremony and reception (or have two separate venues close to each other), this saves your guests from braving the cold and unnecessary travelling.

Lets Talk Photos

In winter, daylight is precious and night comes quickly. So you would want to land a photographer that is seasoned. A photographer that knows how to take shots in wintry conditions (for example: shooting while snowing, and minimising glare), and who knows how to manage time effectively – no one wants to freeze for any longer than they should. A good suggestion would be to capture your pictures before the ceremony.

Remember, December is out of wedding season – offering you better prices and more options for venues, caterers, and photographers. The truth is that summer weddings are more popular, but winter weddings are unique. Giving you the choice of truly making your wedding an intimate affair that would be cherished as the beginning of your happily ever after…




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