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The Perfect Beach Wedding

gordonnash-183-X2You have fallen in love with the idea of kissing your groom as the sun sets in the west, casting hues of orange, pink, and violet across the sky. In your mind the moment and the picture is perfect. The kiss, the shading, the lighting, everything is made for a photo finish.florida_beach_wedding_photography_50Getting to that perfect moment takes planning and organization. You also want to create an experience, not just for yourself, but also for your wedding party and your guests. A beach party is more than just a beautiful moment for the kiss. It is also a joyful event to celebrate your big day. In addition to your normal wedding planning routine, here are a few extra tips to help you plan something special for yourself and memorable experience your guests will treasure and talk about for years to come.mainnew

Plan Ahead

When you plan a beach wedding, the venue is very important. You want a beach that blends accessibility with some degree of privacy. After all, you do not want a rogue volleyball encroaching on your wedding photos. Scout your locations carefully, giving yourself plenty of time to find your venue, reserve it, and ensure that you have all the license and permit requirements in order.sashes-beach-wedding-chairsBe ready to provide detailed lists of equipment and items, including food and beverages that will be brought to the site, as many venues need that information. Also, have an alternate venue planned, just in case things do not work out with the beach. Even the best-laid plans can go astray, but you and your wedding party can always hit the beach later for perfect pictures.airlie-wedding666x300

Rain on Your Wedding Day?

Have a plan for weather incidents as well, and plan your wedding for when there will be fewer problems with sudden rains or serious storms. For example, Florida is a favorite destination for beach weddings.Casa-Velas-WeddingThe beautiful beaches all around the state make it an ideal venue. June through November is also the Atlantic hurricane season, and the summer tends to see a lot of rain, sometimes at unpredictable intervals. That can make planning challenging, but not impossible. Off-season wedding are often a money-saver, and venues like Florida offer temperate weather through most of the late fall, winter, and early spring months. They also tend to offer early blooming seasons. This means that an off season wedding in March or even late February, when weather is more stable and temperatures are nice, are not just possible – it could be perfect. Research your chosen location to see when the ideal time will be for your wedding.brp-015

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