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 Cheesecake Wedding Cakes.

3_thumbIt was the late 1980’s and we were two dessert-freaks with a passion for all things cake-shaped. Philip and Alan: friends and comrades in the quest for the ultimate of all sweet-treats! We experimented with all sorts of combos which would bring tears of 6_thumbjoy to the face of anyone with even half a sweet tooth. Huge chunks of chocolate, gooey toffee, crunchy honeycomb, crumbling cookies, fresh fruit and crackin’ nuts were piled high to decadent and delicious effect on our concoctions. All with the aim of creating desserts so divine they could not be denied.

imageIt wasn’t long before our passion for creating became our business. We started it small, pleasing one customer at a time with our impossibly-tasty creations but it wasn’t long before word spread about the ‘new dessert-kid in town’ and demand grew and grew.

Our obsession and on-going infatuation has continued to this day and we still make the tastiest cakes at Cheesecake HQ, pleasing thousands of sweet-toothed customers year on year.

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 Cakes By Chloe

cakes_small_178Beautiful Wedding Cakes individually designed and created just for you.
Award winning Chloe Hill-Thomas spends the majority of her time designing and creating bespoke cakes for her bridal and celebrity clients. If you want a wedding cake that is both original and beautiful Chloe and her team will be delighted to discuss the fine detail with you.

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