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Tru-Diamonds™ – The Best Simulated Diamonds In The World

Tru-Diamonds™ is the worldwide trademark of Monark Global Limited. This trademark is your assurance of the world’s best simulated diamonds

With Tru-Diamonds™, you will enjoy all the status, pleasure and confidence of the very finest diamond jewellery at a small fraction of the cost. These amazing simulated diamonds look so real that no one will ever know…..unless you tell them.

The Properties of the Finest Diamonds

When judged by the characteristics used by expert gemmologists to grade fine diamonds, every Tru-Diamonds™ gem measures up to the finest of fine grading. As you can see from the table, Tru-Diamonds™ are perfect ice-white in colour, flawless in clarity, perfectly cut every time and exactly the same sizes as conventional diamonds. What’s more, they are so hard and durable they even cut glass.


8671419H. Samuel have always been known for their great products and very reasonable prices. The company was established in 1892 so they have been on the High Street for many years selling 9666516a wide range of jewelry and gifts. Their wedding rings come in many styles and designs from classic plain bands to intricately designed bridal sets. You will also find a fantastic range of rings for the groom using gold, silver and of course the very entrend Titanium to create exciting and long lasting rings. HSamuel


logomatching-white-gold-bridal-setYour wedding rings are the most important part of the wedding ceremony, They symbolize the very essence of two people devoting themselves for the rest of their lives. 

Deeply Diamonds have all the most up to-date “trending” styles and designs, but if you cannot find the actual style you would like they have a service called “Just Ask” You can ask for style alterations or different stones and materials and they will do their very best to matching-white-gold-bridal-set (1)meet your needs exactly and promptly. They also guarantee you the lowest prices, free delivery, a free presentation box, free formal written valuation and to really give you peace of mind a full 30 day money back guarantee. I would like to invite you to visit the website and browse their fabulous rings and accessories. Just click below …………

Deeply Diamonds - Diamond jewellery at unbeatable prices guaranteed. Diamonds set in Gold, Palladium and Platinum


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